As a former civil servant, I know what it means to be of service to others – as I have spent my 30-year professional career doing just that. I am running to bring this same selfless tradition of service to my community, which is currently lacking. My experience of consensus-building spans government, community, and civic involvement and as the next Representative for District 39, I will be clear on who my client is – the people of South Cobb.

I am running because I can no longer sit back and watch South Cobb be overlooked and underrepresented at the Capital. South Cobb consistently contributes to the financial health of Cobb County, yet we never reap the full benefits like Cobb communities to the north, east and west. I pledge to build the relationships needed and to work through differences and ideologies to get matters done for South Cobb.

I am running because I know what it means to serve the community and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and go to work for District 39. I am running because I know how to work with people of divergent interests to get the job done.

I am running because I believe honesty and integrity matter. I was recently told by a sitting congressman the Trump Presidency means qualities such as honesty and integrity no longer matter in Georgia politics and people just don’t care anymore. I refuse to believe that. Further, with the health and economic trauma that COVID-19 has caused in our society, transparency, integrity, and honesty are vital qualities we need in our elected officials now more than ever. These are the traits I possess and will bring to the role of Representative for District 39.

I am running because South Cobb is a diverse community of families, individuals, and seniors. It is a wonderful place to live. We care about our neighborhoods and we look out for each other. We show empathy, respect, and kindness to one another. When I speak to people in District 39 they say they reject the negativity that has been attached to us. Residents want to see South Cobb work on its’ full potential as a first ranked community. District 39 wants a representative that will put their priorities first. I’m ready to serve and move South Cobb forward as your Representative.